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What Are the Benefits of a Good Under Deck Ceiling System?

Outdoor patios and decks are great places to enjoy time with family and friends or just to relax on your own. But there is more space available as living space underneath a deck. The problem is the deck above doesn’t function as a ceiling for that space to keep out the rain. At Dry Patio Solutions, we have a solution to this problem – a waterproof under deck ceiling system. This system collects the water present on the upper deck and transfers it to downspouts positioned at strategic locations. The system disposes of rainwater and does not damage the deck ceiling or its substructures.

Some of the important benefits of the best under deck ceiling systems are as follows:

Creates a Safer Space

Squirrels, birds and other wildlife can create a home in the exposed beams of a deck underside. Also, when the deck material is exposed to the air, depending on the deck material, it may wear and corrode faster. By covering the underside of the upper deck with a deck ceiling, it is protected more readily from wear due to the elements and the space under the deck looks better as well.

With a professionally installed underdeck ceiling, the deck can be strengthened and made more stable, which contributes to the safety of those underneath and above the deck.

Enhances the Deck’s Appearance

With an underdeck ceiling you can create a patio space that is perfect for small get-togethers, relaxation, or even a place to work outside in the fresh air. A waterproof under deck ceiling system covers up the exposed beams and allows you to install lighting for the space below the deck.

In addition, with protection from the elements, including harsh sunlight and rain, you can outfit the space with accessories, such as comfortable seating and more.

Minimize Maintenance

With a quality under decking system in place, you can reduce the maintenance requirement involved. Cleaning the ceiling panels is a simpler task than trying to remove beehives and bird nests from exposed deck beams.

To learn more about the waterproof under deck ceiling systems we offer at Dry Patio Solutions, call us today at 704.782.9379 or reach us through our contact form.

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