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7 Benefits of an Under Decking System

An under decking system is designed to drain away the water that falls through a deck surface and normally falls to the ground underneath the deck. With this system, the water is directed away from the deck using a network of gutters, trim, downspouts, and ceiling panels. All of these components work to keep the area under the deck dry. At Dry Patio Solutions, we offer exceptional quality under deck ceiling solutions.

Let’s look at seven particular benefits to the installation of an under decking system:

1. Eliminate Pest Infiltration

The exposed beams of a deck system are often a favorite habitation spots for birds, insects, or squirrels. An underdeck ceiling closes these open spaces up, preventing these critters from making a home.

2. Protect from the Elements

Underdeck systems keep the patio area under your deck dry during rainy weather. The rainwater than normally collects underneath a deck makes the area damp, which could also lead to mold. The underdecking also provides protection against harmful UV rays.

3. Increase Your Living Space

The dry space under decking provided by this system gives you more living space to enjoy outside – in fact, about double the space currently afforded by your deck.

4. Protect From Moisture Damage

An under decking system directs water away from your deck and home to downspouts, preventing potential erosion issues around foundations. The system prevents the problem of trapped water and debris that can create damage and become expensive to repair.

5. Minimize Maintenance Required

An underdeck ceiling is easy to maintain, unlike exposed beams which invite wildlife and nests that may be difficult to remove. Underdecking can be cleaned by spraying with a hose when needed.

6. Increase Home’s Value

With an under decking system, you can add outdoor living space at low cost compared to a home addition, and also increase the value of your home in the process.

7. Allow for the Addition of Accessories

With your new dry space under decking, you can add some accessories to the space such as lighting, a television, furniture, and more.

For more information about the under decking system we offer at Dry Patio Solutions , call us today at 704.782.9379 or use our contact form to send us a message.

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