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Under Deck System In Charlotte NC

A great way to expand your living space is by installing an underdeck ceiling system. This allows you to enjoy the space underneath your deck in Charlotte NC.

How Does the Under Deck System Work?

The under deck system is put into place after deck installation. When it rains, the water passes through the deck boards and is captured by the deck waterproofing systems. The under deck roof systems are made up of interlocking waterproof ceiling panels that span the entire width of the deck.

Next, the deck drainage system comes into play. The under deck rain gutter system directs the water to the perimeter gutter system. The water and any debris are then channeled to the strategically placed downspouts. The living space that has been created underneath your deck remains perfectly dry.

The Benefits of an Underdeck System

When you add underdecking, you make you create a new patio space under your existing deck. The ceiling and drainage system protect you and your family from the rain so you have a space to enjoy dining, entertaining, or relaxing.

The addition of heaters, fans, and lighting turns the area underneath your deck into a comfortable space that you can enjoy all year long. Regardless of whether you choose to install an outdoor kitchen, seating area, or simply use the space for extra storage, the value of your home will increase with such a significant increase in usable square footage.

If you are interested in expanding your indoor-outdoor living space in Charlotte NC, you can count on Dry Patio Solutions. Give us a call today at 704-782-9379.

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