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Care & Maintenance

Never use chlorinated bleach - it is harmful to plants, and reacts adversely with most metals (painted and unpainted). Continued use of chlorinated bleach can cause damage to fasteners, some of which attach your deck to your home.

To clean natural wood decks, Sodium Percarbonate is a good choice – it has excellent cleaning properties, it is safe for plants, humans and the environment. Oxyclean is one brand of this type of product, but other Sodium Percarbonate cleaners also are available online ( or at most commercial paint suppliers. Typically the big box stores do not carry this product; they stock deck cleaners that have Chlorinated Bleach as one of the ingredients.

For synthetic decks, Corte Clean is safe for fasteners and the environment and does a good job of cleaning decks. It has had no effect on the samples they have for trials. Their website is

The underdecking ceiling system can be cleaned easily by the homeowner using a mild dish washing detergent and a sponge mop, or a Swiffer with 100% mineral spirits added to the pad. Be sure to rinse to remove potential water spots. Use of a pressure washer is not recommended. While the panels are removable, we recommend that you contact us prior to doing so to prevent any possible damage to the panels and also the guttering system. 

Typically, cleaning the inside of the ceiling panels is not necessary. Rain will usually keep debris washed out. If you notice a leak and suspect debris may be the cause, check the outlet of your perimeter guttering system by pushing up the ceiling panel that is directly over the downspout location. Remove any clog and inspect and clear the remaining gutter if required.

Note:  Please do not paint the underdecking material - it will void the warranty. Give us a call and we can discuss our panel exchange program.


Dry Patio Solutions provides a 20 year product warranty, and a 5 year leak warranty (labor). This warranty does not cover damage from acts of God or any other natural disaster.  In addition, leaks caused by improper flashing or lack of flashing at the location where the deck is attached to the house is not covered. This warranty is intended to cover defects in the finish and (or) workmanship. Any leaks outside our perimeter guttering and ceiling system are not the responsibility of Dry Patio Solutions. Failure to follow safe cleaning procedures, as outlined above, can also void the warranty.  

Items NOT covered by warranty: debris from system causing a clogged gutter, leaking along house wall caused by lack of proper flashing during deck construction, improperly installed composite decking that has expanded during the summer months and caused the framing of your deck to expand and create leaks.

If you have any further questions or require further instructions, please visit us on the web or call 704-stay-dry (704-782-9379) and ask for assistance. We want your system to function perfectly just as much as you do.

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