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Underdeck System Mooresville NC

Add To Your Home With A Waterproof Under Deck Ceiling

If you are a home or commercial property owner in the Mooresville, NC, area, you know how important it is to have space to enjoy time outdoors. Homeowners with decks or commercial properties with decks recognize that the area under the deck is always a problem in rainy weather.

Capture and Move Water Away

At Dry Patio Solutions, we offer our unique underdeck systems to take the space under your deck and make it a safe, beautiful, and year-round place to enjoy outdoor living space. Our under deck waterproof ceiling is both practical as well as functional, eliminating any water from draining from the deck to the patio below.

Creating dry space under decking starts by installing our under deck drain system. This is a specialized system that acts similar to the gutters on the home, capturing the rainwater and moving it from under the deck to downspouts. This system is mounted between the space under the deck and our under deck ceiling panels, keeping everything out of sight.

Great Selection of Colors and Features

The waterproof under deck ceiling comes in a wide variety of colors to complement the style of your home and your preferences. All under deck ceiling systems can be installed on any shape of deck. They are ideal for multilevel decks or to create a unique porch area that can be used year-round.

We can fully customize our under deck ceiling to include lighting, fans, hooks for swings, or other features you require. When you are ready to add an under deck waterproof area to your home or business in the Moorseville, NC, area, call on the team at 704-782-9379.

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