Do I need downspouts, where do they need to go, and how many?

Yes, we carefully select a stratigic location for downspouts that fits your design requirements and discharges the water to ground level. You need (1) 3" x 4" for every 275 ft.

What is the warranty?

We provide a 5 year warranty to protect against leaks within the perimeter gutter component. We also provide a 20 year warranty on the finish of the material.

What ceiling panels and gutters made of?

22 ga. Galvanized Steel G90

What about debris?

Yes, there will be debris and we can or you can clear the debris relatively easily.

Will I hear the rain hitting it?

Highly improbable - though some of us like the thought of rain hitting the metal roof that's not the case here. The decking above drowns the sound.

Can I paint it?

We do not suggest it as it will void the warranty. We suggest contacting us to ndicuss our panel exchange program.

How do I clean it?

We use 100% mineral spirits and or a mild cleaner.

How far will it drop down below the joist?

The range we have found most common is 7" - 10". It can be done with less however it limits accessibility required for maintenance.

How long does it take to complete?

Each crew installs approximately 250 square feet each day.

How much does it cost?

We have determined that the average job will cost $20 to $21 per squarefoot. In 2019, however, this nunber was influenced by underdeck shape accessories.

Can I install it myself?

Our system includes proprietary installation techniques that have been developed for overr a decade. We do not sell materials for DYI.