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How We Quote

Our estimation process is two simple steps. Within 48 hours we will provide you with a rough estimate, or “Guesstimate” of your price with some help from you. If this pricing is in the ballpark we will come out to measure and provide a full guaranteed flat rate price which is often very close to the “Guesstimate".


We provide you with a rough estimate (guesstimate) prior to giving you a free full estimate


We provide a free full onsite quote based off the custom design to ensure we are right for each other

How To Get A Quote

Dry Patio Solutions uses a 2-step process for quoting to help you assess whether or not our system is right for you. Step 1 is the Guesstimate stage, where we estimate what you can expect the cost to be with some help from you. If the Guesstimate is within the range of your budget, we will come out to measure and provide you with a fully guaranteed quote. The goal is for your estimated measurements to be close, so there are no surprises. Photo’s and drawings are very helpful.  In this stage, you will sketch the dimensions of your underdeck area on a piece of paper, including corners, bump outs, columns, etc.  Measure the lengths of each leg of the diagram that you created and note them on the diagram.  Don’t worry if you’re not exact at this point – we’re looking for a starting point to help create a ballpark estimate of the cost of your underdeck system for you. 


Please let us know if you would like us to include lights, ceiling fans, hanging swings, or other amenities.  Take a photo of this diagram and upload it by clicking the button below.  We will respond in 24-48 hours with a Guesstimate of what your project will cost to enable you to consider whether or not this project is right for you.  If you decide that the Guesstimate is within your expectations, give us a call and we will come out to help you design your system in detail and develop exact measurements.  A binding quote will be developed at this time, which will be included as part of the contract between Dry Patio Solutions and you.

How We Install

All components are custom manufactured exclusively for Dry Patio Solutions to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. Tolerances are maintained using computer controlled technology.

Professionally trained installers ensure that your system provides a lifetime of great service. They are dedicated to total satisfaction.

The dual-purpose gutter system is a very big part of the system. It not only collects the water and distributes it to a strategic downspout locations, but it also supports the interlocking panels which span the full width of the deck. We are not limited by the length of panels. They are custom cut to fit every size area. The same is true of our gutter which will be custom fabricated with accurate miters to not only look great but perform well over an extremely long period of time. 

Once the gutter system is in place and all the ceiling panels are up, our installers will thoroughly clean up the designated work area and you can begin enjoying your beautiful new outdoor living area immediately.

Please review our video series below where we detail our entire installation process from start to finish!

Installation Experience

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