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5 Reasons to Get an Under Decking System

An outdoor patio or deck is a great place to enjoy the outside air and relax. However, sometimes that space underneath a deck can be less than appealing for various reasons. This is partially due to the fact that many decks do not have an underlayment that prevents moisture and other materials from dispersing to the patio underneath. At Dry Patio Solutions, we offer underdeck systems Denver, NC homeowners can use to obtain a range of important benefits.

Some of the reasons to get an under decking system include:

1. Enhanced Appearance

With an under decking system installed, your outdoor space can be much more appealing, aesthetically. You can have ceiling panels with a color that coordinates with your home’s existing decor. An underdeck system installed by a qualified professional can give the underside of your deck a seamless appearance that’s long lasting.

2. Reduced Water Damage

An under-decking system is a form of waterproofing that allows you to have a gutter and drainage system installed that functions seamlessly with the underdeck. Underdeck systems lengthen the service life of the deck and preventing rotting in the substructure beneath.

3. Safer and More Hospitable Under Deck Patio

A look at the underside of your deck may be quite unappealing if it does not have an under deck system installed. You will see exposed beams and potentially corner crevices in the deck structure where there are bird nests or other coves for insects. These are not guests you and your family and guests may be interested in sharing your patio with as you relax or eat there. By covering this area with under decking eliminates these occurrences.

4. Add Comfortable Outdoor Seating

With an underdeck added to your deck, you instantly create a more comfortable environment. These coverings shield those on the patio beneath from the elements. With this comfortable environment in place, you can add seating that provides even more comfort to your living space.

5. Increase Your Property Value

With an underdeck roof, you make the space underneath the deck more attractive and comfortable, which can increase the selling price future buyers are willing pay.

For more information about the under deck systems we offer at Dry Patio Solutions, call us today at 704.782.9379 or complete our contact form.

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